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Farmers Alliance Tractor

American farms are the heartbeat of Farmers Alliance and the life blood of “Small Town America.”  Their passion and dedication for quality produce resonates with food providers and the American consumer alike.


By joining together and leveraging the power of partnerships, we are empowering farmers while generating a sustainable, reliable, long term, year round supply of produce.


Our Family

We’re a Farmer-Owned company and we know how to get our hands dirty!  Over the years we’ve developed relationships with our partners and farmers. We want to offer those same resources and connections to other growers.  We believe in God, Family and Quality American Produce!

Farmers Alliance team photo standing in a field
Farmers Alliance Sales & Quality team standing in a field

Sales & Quality Control

Kyle Purvis, Joel Futch, Rick Murrah, Chris Cauley, Robby Hendry

Administrative Team

Brittney McClaskey, Bobbi McWhinney, Sidney Nunez, Joe Krisik, Stacie Blank, Karen McDaniel, Scott McDaniel, Rylee Blank, Madisyn Dupree, Rosie St. John

Farmers Alliance Admin team standing in a field



The foundation of every relationship is trust. From pre-planting to final distribution we are here to help! We take pride in dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers, supporting farmers and communities in which we serve, conserving our natural resources, and generating long term value for our partners all while giving consumers the highest quality "Food Safety Certified" products that they can trust.


Our partnerships, shared expertise, technology, and progressive practices empowers small farms to do big things. By employing a digital platform for food safety, field mapping, crop scouting, record keeping, precision ag technologies, and crop inputs, farmers can easily manage and develop their crops while meeting USDA, FDA, and HACCP program guidelines.


We help farmers deliver to a growing list of distributors ensuring that none of their hard work goes to waste. We provide packing, repack, cross docking, and forward distribution services from our network of warehouses located throughout North America. We also have the capability to create and design specialty consumer packs and custom packaging options so your produce always gets delivered looking great.

Farmers Alliance Packaging and sorting facility
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Farming is a huge job and small farms deserve big support. We've partnered with some amazing companies to provide a broad range of services to our members to ensure quality, sustainability, best practices, and maximum yields. From pre-planting to harvest, all the way through to marketing and packaging, we’re with farmers to ensure and maintain long term success.

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