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Lowe Farms

- Corn

- Soybeans

- Dark Fired Tobacco

- Hemp

- Angus Cattle

- Squash

- Zucchini

- Mini Watermelons

The Lowe family is a first-generation farm family located in Murray, Kentucky. Scott & Shea Lowe decided that their first day of business would be on their wedding day. Lowe Farms started out with their first tobacco crop in 2000. Scott Lowe then used the proceeds to buy Shea Lowe an engagement ring and Lowe Farms officially opened March 16, 2002, the day they were married. Lowe Farms grows corn, soybeans, dark fired tobacco, hemp, angus cattle, squash, zucchini, and mini watermelons. When they are not farming, they are typically one of their girls’ sports games. When this family of four can take a break from farming and sports, you’ll find them at the lake spending time together as a family.

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