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Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn contains B vitamin complex which contains niacin and thiamin. These are required to maintain proper nerve health and cognitive function. In addition, niacin helps promote good cholesterol and fights cardiovascular issues. 


Purchasing, Storing and Serving

To select the best sweet corn, first check the husk. It should be bright green and wrapped tightly around the corn. The tassels (the corn silks sticking out the top should be light brown or gold and slightly sticky. Don’t remove the husks as this could cause them to dry out. Instead, store in fridge until ready to cook for a up to three days. Corn can also be frozen to enjoy at a later date.


Corn can be prepared in a variety of ways but the easiest way is grilled with a light coating of butter and salt.


Shipping Info:

  • Wood Crate
  • Corrugated Box
  • RPC
  • 12-4 ct. tray pack (DRC or RPC)
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