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Watermelon is roughly 91% water and helps you stay hydrated- which is why it’s a favorite summertime snack! 


Purchasing, Storing and Serving

The yellow spot on the watermelon’s belly is the best indicator for ripeness, so always look for a dark yellow spot vs a light white spot. If there is no yellow spot, pick the melon up. A ripe melon will feel heavier than it looks.


When you are getting ready to cut your melon, be sure to wash with cool water. Cut the top and bottom so it can easily stand upright. Slice your melon in quarters. From here you can easily keep it on the rind and slice into individual slices or you can cut the rind totally off and cut the watermelon into cubes. 


To store after cutting your melon, wrap the cut side in plastic or in a container. The cut watermelon will keep for about three days. Storing a whole watermelon extends the shelf-life longer to three weeks in the fridge or seven days on the counter. 

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